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Switch Kit

Ready to make a change to a new bank, but dreading all of the time and energy it'll take to switch?

Switching banks shouldn't be complicated.  With our Switch Kit, we have forms to ensure a hassle-free transition to BSB!
Switching banks will go more smoothly if you follow these guidelines

  • Balance your checkbook and make sure all outstanding checks have cleared before you close your checking account.  This will ensure that you and your bank agree on how much money is due to you.  Also, you will not get hit with fees for checks that bounce after you close your account.

  • If you have arranged for direct deposit of payroll or benefits, do not close your old bank account until you are sure that the next scheduled deposit will be going into your new account.

  • If you have arranged for your bank to make automatic payments from your account to pay your mortgage or another bill, make arrangements for future payments to be made from your new account.

  • Be sure you keep clear financial records, showing that your old account was closed.

  • If you have a safe deposit box at your old bank, remember to clean it out and return the keys.
Fill out the Financial Institution Transfer Request Form and send it to your existing bank to have your funds automatically transferred to your new account at BSB.

They'll be sad to see you go, but we're happy to have you here.  And you'll be happy too.

Making changes to your government direct deposit sounds overwhelming.  But with our Quick$tart Enrollment Form, we can take care of it easily without you needing to call the Social Security Office.  Just fill out the form and return it to the BSB office most convenient to you or we'll be glad to fill it out for you at account opening.
Help get the account opening process started with our New Customer Account Application, fill it out online(Opens in a new Window), or just come in to your preferred BSB office to get your new Checking or Savings account set up and ready to go.

Use this form to request the direct deposit of your pay into your Bippus State Bank account.  You will need to provide this information to your employer with any other additional information and authorization they need to initiate the deposit.  Please contact your employer's payroll department if you have any questions about this process.

Have direct deposits set up with your existing bank and think it's impossible to get them switched? No worries... it's possible! For each direct deposit that you have established, please complete a form and sign where indicated.  Your original signature is required to authorize the transfer from your existing financial institution.
Just like your existing direct deposits, it's possible to easily switch your automatic payments from your old account to your new account at BSB.  For each of your automatic payments, just complete a form and sign where indicated.  Your original signature is required to authorize the transfer from your existing financial institution.

Please download and fill out each form.
Note:  All documents must be signed in front of bank personnel.  All signatures must be obtained before account is processed.