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Treasury Management Services

Easy solutions for your business. Relax and enjoy our treasury management suite. 

Our Treasury Management Services provide convenience to our customers by offering all of our Treasury Management services for one low monthly rate. So you can rest easy knowing your operations aren't breaking the bank. Our services include:

  • ACH Services*
    • Direct Deposit Payroll + Payments
    • Direct Debit + Receivables
  • Remote Deposit Capture**
  • Positive Pay
  • Easy-to-use Portal
Looking for a product that allows you to stay on the cutting edge of banking technology for your business? BSB Treasury Management Services provides business users with online account access, transaction origination, and complete account management capabilities.
If you're still paying your employees with checks, why not try Direct Deposit? It’s a secure and convenient way to provide quicker access to your employees’ hard-earned cash. Using BSB Treasury Management, you can easily set up direct deposit for all of your payroll payments. No more signing checks or missing out on the last half hour of workable time so employees can get to the bank before it closes. On the effective date, your employees’ paychecks are already sitting in their accounts and the funds are available to use.

Direct Deposit

  • Reduce your expense of paper checks and postage 
  • Initiate electronic ACH payments securely and reliably 
  • Streamline payroll with secure direct deposit
  • Upload files directly from your payroll software
  • Automate your payments to vendors and suppliers 

Direct Debit + Receivable 

  • Reduce time spent collecting, recording and depositing payments to your business 
  • Offer customers the ease and convenience of automatic payments 
  • Create consistency in your receivables cash flow
Reduce costs and time associated with making trips to the branch to deposit checks. Your personal check scanner will image your deposit and send it right to us. Like all BSB products, it comes with the friendly and knowledgeable customer service you’re used to.
This powerful tool can integrate with your accounting software and automatically match checks you've authorized against checks presented for payment. Any check that is considered suspect is sent back to the issuer for examination. Positive Pay provides you and your business a higher level of protection against fraud, improves efficiency and offers you a greater peace of mind.
Access and manage your accounts, cash flow and transactions from a familiar place -- your current online banking home! With our Treasury Managment Client Portal, you get the control you need to manage your finances with the tools you need to do it, including 24-hour online account access.

* Additional fees apply per payroll
**The check scanner is an additional one-time cost for you