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Post-Holiday Spending Blues

January 3, 2022

Does January always feel like holiday spending pay off time when you should be starting your new year on a high note?

According to an article on the holiday debt average in 2020 was $1,381. But what if you could reduce or eliminate that debt by saving up throughout the year? We gave a simple solution for you: The Christmas Club.

This savings account was created to help you SAVE for the holidays and PAY CASH for purchases instead of racking up debt.  The easiest way to utilize your Christmas Club Account is the "Set it and Forget it" Method
Step 1:  Open the account online (only $5 opening balance to start!)
Step 2:  Set up an auto-transfer on the days you are paid regularly
Step 3:  Never touch the funds in the account! 
Step 4:  Wait for your account balance check to come in the mail in October!

In this table, let's assume your first payday is January 7th and you are paid every other Friday. By October you will have saved up:













Do you see how taking small steps can help minimize or even eliminate the stress of holiday spending? Instead of racking up credit card debt and starting the new year with a stack of BILLS, you can save up little by little throughout the year to pay CASH for your holiday spending!

But don't let the "jolly" name of this account fool you; let’s get a little creative for a second.


Imagine this: Each paycheck you auto-transfer $75 to your Christmas Club account. Then October comes around and your account balance is enough to afford the entire cost of an oversized Airbnb in Tennessee like you see below and you take your family on a long weekend getaway in the fall.

(photo of hot tub on a porch overlooking the Smokies in Tennessee)

Just to give you an idea of what saving $75 every two weeks can get you, I've gathered a few amazing Airbnb cabins you could rent in October:

Now that the wheels are turning, can you imagine what you could do with some extra cash laying around in October? Open a BSB Christmas Club account and start saving up for holiday spending, a special family trip or anything other financial goals your set your heart on. 

Open a Christmas Club Account online

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Holiday Spending Blues

Does January always feel like holiday spending pay off time when you should be starting your new year on a high note?

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