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3 Major Pros of High Interest Yield Checking Accounts

3 Major Pros Of Opening A High Interest Yield Checking Account


These days, the importance of banking smarter has become an integral part of finances, with daily impact on overall investments.

You’ll see lots of tips floating around online like, “how to lower your overdraft fees,” “how to go through your monthly expenses to see where you can shift costs,” and “how to get out of ATM withdrawal fees.” (More on that last one down below - we’ve got a hack for that!)

But one of the BEST ways to bank smarter is to open a checking account with a high interest yield.

So what exactly does that mean? What pros come along with it?

Read below to find all the answers to your questions and start making your money work for you!

What is a high interest yield checking account?

A regular checking account doesn’t offer much in terms of accruing interest. Most checking accounts offer a 0.03% interest rate, which could maybe result in a few extra bucks in your pocket…. In a couple of years.

High interest yield checking accounts, on the other hand, offer a much higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield) than regular checking accounts – typically between 1% - 4%.

So what would having a high interest checking account look like in real dollars?

If you had a high interest yield checking account with a 2.5% APY and held an average balance of $2000 in your account, you’ll get significantly more money back from that by the end of the year than you would with a regular checking account.

2.5% of the $2000 balance equals $50. So by the end of the year your account would actually read $2050. The money goes to work for you, without you having to lift a finger. 

Our Interest + Checking account option is one of the many things we’re proud to offer at Bippus State Bank - and it’s a customer favorite!

But that’s not all! Here are 3 more reasons to love high interest yield checking accounts:

1. The Availability

It’s hard to find online savings accounts these days that will offer a better APY than high interest yield checking accounts. Opening an Interest + Checking account with Bippus will be easier and offer more in return than what you’d find through a savings account.

2. The Convenience

With this type of bank account, your money is liquid, meaning it can be withdrawn whenever you need it. This isn’t always the case with savings accounts or other investment methods. And you only need to complete 3 criteria each month to qualify for your Interest + Checking account:

  • Perform 15 debit card transactions per month 
  • Enroll in Online Banking & eStatements
  • Set up ONE direct deposit per month

If you qualify under these 3 simple criteria, you’ll start making your money work for you.

3. The Bonuses - ATM Fee Refunds and More

Having a high interest yield checking account comes with perks beyond its higher APY. One of the biggest ones? You’ll get ATM fee refunds nationwide. You’ll be eligible for that bonus with your Interest + Checking account with Bippus, plus you’ll also be able to perform unlimited transactions with no per check fee.


If you’re ready to get on the money-making bandwagon with smarter banking - The Bippus Interest + Checking account pays you extra interest for simply doing the things you already do. Bippus State Bank has you covered.

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*Must meet certain requirements to obtain maximum interest rate.  Other terms and conditions apply. For further information contact us at 1-877-653-8900.


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