Bippus State Bank and Bank Employees Give Back to the Community

Posted on Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Every Friday throughout the year, Bippus State Bank employees can choose to pay $2.00 to wear jeans to work. By doing this, BSB employees have given over
$1800 to their Jeans Fund, which is used twice a year to give back to those who are less fortunate in the community. In August, BSB purchased a variety of different sizes and colors of kids’ jeans for LOVE INC of Huntington County’s Back-to-School Fair. And now, as we enter this special season, BSB will use the remainder of the funds to help needy families this Christmas. In Huntington County, through LOVE INC, BSB is provided with Christmas lists for multiple families in the community. Then BSB employees volunteer to shop for and wrap gifts for these families. At the Main and South Offices in Huntington, BSB is also collecting toys for Toys for Tots. In Wabash County, BSB donates to Manchester Elementary School’s Christmas Angels program. This year, because there are so many families in the community who are less fortunate this Christmas season, Bippus State Bank’s Board of Directors has decided that BSB will match the employees’ donations dollar-for-dollar and will be donating an additional $1800 to support these local programs. As a community bank, Bippus State Bank feels that it is a blessing to be able to help others in the community during this special time of year.

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